.....Providing a helping hand for living a better life.

Helping Hands, Healing Hearts Counseling Services


Monday                8:00 am- 4:00 pm  


Tuesday               9:00 am- 4:00 pm 

Wednesday         8:00 am- 4:00 pm

Thursday             8:00 am- 4:00 pm


Initial Assessment/Evaluation     

    90 minutes     $200

Individual Therapy Session

    55 minutes     $150 

Accepted Payment Methods         

    Credit Card     

    Health Savings Account

Insurance Plans Accepted 

  • Aetna​

  • ConnectiCare

  • Optum

  • United Behavioral Health (UBH)​

  • United Healthcare

​Therapeutic Focuses of Emotional Wellness

​LGBTQ* and Gender Affirming Care

I provide a strong supportive focus on the LGBTQ* community;  One of the main clinical specialties offered is gender affirming care, in which a safe space is offered to transgender, gender diverse, and gender non-conforming individuals to explore and better understand their gender identity and expression, and to receive support around living authentically and wholeheartedly. I have been working with transgender, gender diverse, and gender non-conforming individuals, along with family members and significant others since 2014, and support individuals with examining their personal identity and assisting them in moving forward in life, however they determine that to be.  

Dr. Brené Brown and The Daring Way™

Since late 2015/ early 2016, I have utilized Dr. Brené Brown’s research around the topics of

shame, authenticity and wholehearted living to support my clients in living their best lives;

In 2017, I attended training and obtained certification in her work as a Certified Daring

Way™ Facilitator. This has helped me better support my clients around topics such as vulnerability, courage, shame, and worthiness, and this work invites individuals to examine the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are holding them back in life while identify the new choices and practices that will move them toward more authentic and wholehearted living. The primary focus is on developing shame resilience skills and developing daily practices that transform the way we live, love, parent, and lead.


In 2012, I became trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT),
to provide evidence-based treatment for children and adolescents who have been impacted by trauma, along with support for their parents or caregivers, followed by completion of certification in 2014. In 2016, I became a Life is Good Playmaker, to further help children heal from the impact of childhood trauma. In 2019, I completed Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) training to better address trauma and various stressors under Karen Alter-Reid, Ph.D. at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies.